The Crew

Thursday, 29 December 2016
Säck Stockholm´s archipelago 

Peder is project manager and father of five plus a Granddad. Born and grew up in Närke region. Man with many dream and plan. His is our cap´N, pilot, excellent navigator and technician.

Cars Selfie 
 Meet the make it happen person; A mum,wife Co-Cap'N, chef and  a planner. I'm currently working at the hotel. Born and grew up in Sabah, North Borneo Malaysia. 

cosy on the double cabin

Sean, born 21 feb, 2008. An a old soul, Lego's architect, minecraft fan,  and the captian third assistants. You either find him listen to music or watching YouTube.

fruits time in the kitchen.

Sophia, the other Sophia twin sister and just 3 minute younger than Sean. The most bravery and chatty. A Ice-skating princess, book lover, and fairy believer.

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