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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Fav spot - Deck salon-

The Galley

the Owner Bedroom

Sunset at Mälaren during summer

The story

Friday, 30 December 2016
Gotska sandön sommar 2016

There is quote say: “Life is too short” too short for not trying or even give a try something big or different in our life that might change the perfective of living. If you don’t dare to try you might don’t find the answer or even worse we’ll might regret it someday.

To cross over our comfort zone sometime is quite scary and can be pretty challenging too, I did that when I moved to Sweden, that like 15 years ago and I count that one of my wildest dream ever. Just little bit of faith and guts, that will do. While Peder have a different story, he have this dream for ages which is to own a sailboat, and he just keeping on dreaming.

In august 2014 we sold our villa in Karlskoga and moved to Västerås. The job opportunity made us to cross our comfort zone from, 150 sq.m with garden, and double garage to 94 sq.m apartments near lake. It’s hard to fitting ourselves into new place, new faces, and new school for the kids and basically new routine. The apartment is great and not to talk about the lake view, but then the dream of having a sailboat is pop out in our everyday life. If you think in the opposite side it’s like having a nightmare sort of speak. Then thing happen, when a dreamer and an optimist met it’s not a good combination;) plus we live near Mälaren lake; it’s good reason to came of.
Then In May 2015, we bought a sailing boat with zero knowledge about boat and not to talk about how to sail it. We pretty optimist both me and Peder, plus we were lucky to have friend around who pioneer about sail boat, Who was really patient to helped and guided us.   

So he sailed the boat from Landskrona near Malmö to Västerås, took him 4 days to bring our “ Sophia”.  That summer we sailed around the Mälaren Lake to start with and we did our first sailing to Swedish archipelago near Stockholm for over a week. We did enjoy our vacation that summer and, not to talk about the kids; they were felt exciting all the time. It’s brought our vacation in different way. The kids were less into the electronic gadget, which is awesome, and I begin to read a book again. Well you know the speed like 7-8 knot, seriously you have a time to think from one to the end about life…so I prefer book instead;)
Summer in Sweden is very sort, and when it’s end it’s time for you to prepare your boat for the winter. But then we were thinking something else that perhaps nobody would dare to try. That sailing vacation we did talk about living on aboard for good we like back and forward into the same question should we give a try? Do we survive the winter? What about the kids?  I was sceptical into the most aspect and to think that kids are scared me the most if they having difficulties for adjusting their life.

Like people use to talk “It’s take one to tango” if you living as a family we should support each other and give our kids a good positive foundation to look into different perfectives way of living and guide them.  I tell you if the parent is positive, so do the kids. They are fast learner and BOOMM….. in August 2015 we  move out from our apartment and live permanently in the boat all year around  in Sweden. Half of people we known think we’re crazy and half think it’s awesome. We pretty much sell and gave away most of the furniture, and house stuff to family, friend and even donated it. We only kept very little and very special for ourselves.  Living light is become our motto.

Here we are survived the first winter and winter 2016 winter too. Since then we’ve been learned and teachd ourselves how to live aboard with children, basic things about boat life and overall to stay strong mind and soul for any difficulties while we sailing. We should be ready. We did our longest sailing to Gotland island summer 2016. It’s been unbelievable experiences.

We dream big like sailing to New York, Mediterranean, Norway fjord , Caribbean, to North America and why not to my hometown North Borneo one day. But first we wanted to load ourselves with much knowledge as possible and get ready both physically and mentally to carry on the big sailing tour.

“SailSophia” documents our sailing journey, information and spirit of living adventurous. I hope you enjoying reading and if you ever have a dream, have a faith and guts to find the answer, its might surprises you. Thanks you for stopping by and your time for reading.

Sail Sophia Crew

The Crew

Thursday, 29 December 2016
Säck Stockholm´s archipelago 

Peder is project manager and father of five plus a Granddad. Born and grew up in Närke region. Man with many dream and plan. His is our cap´N, pilot, excellent navigator and technician.

Cars Selfie 
 Meet the make it happen person; A mum,wife Co-Cap'N, chef and  a planner. I'm currently working at the hotel. Born and grew up in Sabah, North Borneo Malaysia. 

cosy on the double cabin

Sean, born 21 feb, 2008. An a old soul, Lego's architect,king of shuffle dance, gaming  fan, and the captian third assistants. You either find him listen to music, doing musically or watching YouTube.

fruits time in the kitchen.

Sophia, the other Sophia twin sister and just 3 minute younger than Sean. The most bravery and chatty. A Ice-skating princess, book lover, and fairy believer.